It's been a long weekend but I am in the new apartment. Just had my first soak in the tub and it is awesome!

I ordered the dining table yesterday (pictured in an earlier post. It should be here in early December, hopefully in time for my sister's visit.

The mattress I ordered seems to have gone missing so have to chase that up this week again. I am sleeping on a cushion the landlord has let me borrow. I feel like a vagrant but waking up in the morning to all the bright windows and cityscape takes the edge off!




Tomorrow is the big move. I am not in good shape for it to be honest. After 3 weeks out of town for work, I returned late last night and awoke this morning feeling like I had no energy. Completely dead. I had planned to get up early, get the place packed up and ready so that I could finish the move by mid-afternoon tomorrow.

This doesn't seem likely anymore. I spent a lot of the day sleeping and finally started packing this evening. I can take until Sunday to get out of the apartment but was hoping to use Friday to move, Saturday morning to clean the old apartment out and then the rest of the weekend to get settled in the new apartment with my meager belongings.

I had some time to look for some inspiration in the last days and am finally having a breakthrough on how I want the apartment to look. I will spend some time in it first to make sure my ideas fit the place but now it is feeling less like pressure and more like a release, a new way to channel my creative energy. That is the right state of mind for a project like this.


The Task Ahead

When I think about starting from scratch on an apartment and all that will entail, I feel like an ant! First visitors are just around the corner and my friends are dicussing a possible New Year's in Munich with me. Fortunately ants are known to be ably to carry many times their own body weight.


A New Table

The first priority in the new apartment is a magnificent bed. I have ordered a mattress now from a company called Grüne Erde and I hope it is the son of my infamous 'Cloud'. The Cloud bed made the sweetest whoooosh sound when I fell into it every night. I loved that bed. The Grüne Erde products are meant to be natural and environmentally sound. The mattress I tested felt great too.

I made my second stop at the Maßtisch store, where I fell in love with this table. Isn't the wood gorgeous? I like that it looks rustic and modern all at once. I haven't ordered anything so far as I am also trying to identify the dominant style of the apartment first but I seem to just have eclectic taste.

Free Association

  • Black, White, Red
  • 2 Clocks on the Wall EST Time and CET Time
  • Chalkboard
  • White Orchids
  • Candles
  • Seagrass
  • Lots of Places to Display My Photographs
  • Mirrors
  • Wood